Infowars kicks off Boston bombing press conference with ‘false flag’ conspiracy!/psalm82/status/323966880773713921

Alex Jones’ Twitter take on the Boston Marathon bombing was more than enough for one day, wasn’t it? We know we didn’t need to see the live version play out at a press conference.

who was the clown who asked that first question?

— Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) April 16, 2013

Next up, I really want to know who that guy was and how he got past security just hours after a massive bombing.

— J.M. Berger (@intelwire) April 16, 2013

Take whoever just asked the false flag q and beat them

— Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) April 16, 2013

good lord….was that Alex Jones at the #BostonMarathon presser asking about stupid false flag stuff? sheesh.

— Prudence Paine (@PruPaine) April 16, 2013

No, it wasn’t Alex Jones, but it was a member of the Infowars team, as confirmed by Jones himself, complete with video.

@intelwire Dan bidondi from info wars

— Blake Hounshell (@blakehounshell) April 16, 2013

Dan Bidondi got to ask about the bomb “drills” at the #Boston press conference [VIDEO]

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) April 16, 2013

Fortunately, Bidondi’s question received all the time it deserved.

@samsteinhp loved the answer by Gov Patrick. No. Next question.

— Debrianna Mansini (@DMansini) April 16, 2013

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Puh-leeze: Cop killer fan Marc Lamont Hill ‘bothered’ by Obama water gun pic!/keder/status/346664698806169600

As Twitchy reported, the White House marked Father’s Day by releasing a photo of a water gun-totin’ POTUS:!/whitehouse/status/346032124979195906

Obama? Wielding a gun? Alert the media! While Second Amendment supporters immediately saw the irony and got to mocking, Columbia University prof and HuffPost Live host Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was legitimately upset.

Quick! To the Outragemobile!!/marclamonthill/status/346662631546961921!/marclamonthill/status/346663378850283520

Oh, puh-leeze!!/travton/status/346662903308509186!/iamkenjohnson/status/346663287175405568!/ReignOfApril/status/346663486291578880!/48HDpanhead/status/346664162300133378!/mS_sMaRtY89/status/346665214936236032!/iamkenjohnson/status/346664111121260544


Bingo. When it comes to Obama, there’s very little to defend. But to be genuinely upset about a photo of the president holding a water gun is ridiculous. Mock-worthy? You bet. Worthy of handwringing? No way. Nevertheless, Hill doubled down:!/marclamonthill/status/346665203204759552!/marclamonthill/status/346669825109676032

“Male toys”?!/marclamonthill/status/346664853227859968

His “issue,” huh? That’s funny. He doesn’t seem to mind the “dangerous culture of gun violence” when police officers are the victims. Earlier this year, Hill wished his “brother” Mumia Abu-Jamal — who brutally murdered Philly police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981 — a happy birthday and praised him as a “leading intellectual.”Hill also gushed over the “exciting” saga of cop killer Christopher Dorner, exclaiming that it was “like watching ‘Django Unchained’ in real life.”

“Bothered” by a water gun. By cold-blooded cop killers? Not so much. Not only is he a shameless hypocrite, but he’s colossal joke.!/Neal_Dewing/status/346668294373249026!/vadum/status/346663525722238976


Mock like the wind! Laura Ingraham, others slam gun-toting Obama Father’s Day pic

Full Twitchy coverage of Mark Lamont Hill

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Sarah Silverman makes it clear that unborn babies are not her demographic!/_periculo/status/427507655830421504

The Left’s flippant view of the unborn never ceases to amaze. Comedian Sarah Silverman is no exception.!/ManofFaith68/status/427510612403318785!/DavidJPotts44/status/427503156168105985

Just exactly who’s in Silverman’s demographic? We’re not sure.!/FunkynFortunate/status/427436840376074241

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