Twitchy readers respond to S. Truett Cathy hate speech!/EagleGraphs/status/508985286471454721

We expected liberals to spew hatred at the news of the death of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, but we also know what to expect from our readers. Thank you!!/ScholarlyChick/status/508965930358276097!/prepresscolor/status/508977922506362880!/ProudoftheUSA/status/509013234297237506

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with the Cathy family.

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WH flack hit with truth for claim ‘GOP hypothesis’ on Iraq ‘disproved’!/Calle_Elefante/status/497804193009135616

“White House Director of Progressive Media and Online Response” Jesse Lee took on what he said is a bogus “GOP hypothesis” that parts of Iraq are falling into the hands of ISIS because President Obama ended the U.S. presence on the ground there:!/jesseclee44/status/497802844830171137

What’s happening in Iraq has proven the GOP wrong? Too much!!/redsteeze/status/497803090473791488!/spongeworthy2/status/497804701690519552!/Me_In_Jersey/status/497803630708527104!/skzdalimit/status/497804713694625792



‘LOL’: White House flack shovels ‘absolutely massive’ load of Obamacare enrollment spin

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Doctor Has An Entertaining Method Of Keeping A Baby Laughing While Getting Shots.

Getting shots can be a traumatizing experience for a baby. More often than not, it ends with tears and screams. To make the experience as nice as possible for his toddler patients, this awesome doctor has come with a fantastic method of keeping them laughing through the whole process. It’s simple, but genius. Watch as this cute little baby laughs with joy while getting shots.


(Source: Mama Ethiopia) I would be so proud to have him as my child’s pediatrician, you can tell the dad was thinking the same thing…heck, now I actually want to get my vaccinations there, too. Share this great pediatrician and his box of tissues with your friends below.

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Nancy Pelosi wants ‘Slap Hillary’ game taken down!/NancyPelosi/status/365972455682097153

The only thing that makes Rep. Nancy Pelosi more angry than being referred to (correctly) as Mayor Bob Filner’s “former colleague” is the reemergence of an online Flash game called “Slap Hillary.”

Seeing as the Republican Party isn’t behind the site, if Pelosi is serious about having the game taken down, she might want to address her concerns to @ProjectHillary, the self-described “non-profit, non-partisan advocacy committee” that created it and continues to host it. Or, she could blame the GOP for perpetuating violence against women by refusing to take down a site it didn’t create and doesn’t own. But wouldn’t that be like holding Pelosi responsible for Filner’s refusal to leave office?!/sunnyright/status/365975347843440642!/JayCaruso/status/365975073229766656!/RBPundit/status/365979740915503105!/RBPundit/status/365980171397890048

Like what?!/EdB_Ohio/status/365974277561913345!/GaltsGirl/status/365974328677896192

Wait, are we talking about the game where you slap Sarah Palin, or the one where you shoot a zombie version of Palin?!/FoolishReporter/status/365973556405878784

It’s strange how a stale game that everyone forgot about years ago suddenly is back in the headlines and on Nancy Pelosi’s radar, isn’t it?!/sunnyright/status/365975087096143872

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‘Bwwwahahaha!’ Denny’s runs with #AppleLive TV truck fail [Photoshop]!/the_klute/status/509399517217968129

As Twitchy reported, viewers of Apple’s iPhone 6 event got a behind-the-scenes look at the TV truck schedule. The mockery was swift and awesome, but nobody did it quite like Denny’s:!/DennysDiner/status/509396332843646977

How about a round of applause, folks?!/TehEmoPenguin/status/509396378137554945!/philgoodstory/status/509396656836845568!/rossmevans/status/509396753489989632!/Frozen2late/status/509396782623641601!/tundro/status/509397764401537024!/dlfluegge/status/509396957430054914!/kandirra/status/509397640128516096!/Designmojo/status/509396929055563776!/Reeve/status/509412454929932288



‘Asleep at the switch’? TV truck blows #AppleLive viewers’ minds [photos]

Lame: MTV and BET fake hackings for publicity; Denny’s wins the day

Denny’s aims for Twitter Grand Slam with NSA surveillance zinger [pic]

‘Best ever!’ This #Grammys coverage by Denny’s is hilarious (Plus Taylor Swift mocking) [pic]

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You won’t believe how the Pentagon described last night’s bombing of Syria!/jimsciutto/status/514402977202061312

OMG. This is really what they’re going with?

Sources called Syria strikes "shock without the awe." —Ed Henry on Fox

— Evan McMurry (@evanmcmurry) September 23, 2014

"It was shock without awe," said a US official #IS #Syria

— Mohamed Yehia (@yeh1a) September 23, 2014

"It is shock, without the awe," a U.S. official says on the airstrikes targeting Islamic State militants in #Syria

— Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) September 23, 2014

“The most ridiculous quote” ever about war? Could be:

"It is shock, without the awe" is the most ridiculous quote about a military operation I have ever heard.

— Ryan J. Croft (@RyanJCroft) September 23, 2014

Although to The Nation’s Katrina vandenHeuvel, it is Shock with the Awe. George W. Obama maybe?

Quite a way to open UN General Assembly.US w/ fragile cover of few Arab partners–launches shock + awe 2014 in region/

— Katrina vandenHeuvel (@KatrinaNation) September 23, 2014

Editor’s note: Ms. vandenHeuvel’s name was misspelled in an earlier version of this post. Twitchy apologizes for the error.


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These Are The 10 Greatest Celebrity Moms – Hollywood Needs More Of These Classy Ladies!

People magazine has its world-famous “Most Beautiful People” list and Maxim has its “Hot 100.”

It seems everyone has a list…

So, to celebrate Mother’s Day we decided to put together a list of our very own. This list is who we consider to be the best celebrity moms around. These moms rise above the rest of the celebs!

1. Beyoncé

Getty Images

While many may think that Blue Ivy is a debatable name, one thing that isn’t debatable is that Queen B has earned her title. She owns the stage, the dance floor, and she is one fierce mama. Beyoncé is well known for putting Blue’s privacy ahead of everything else. She credits her mother Tina Knowles with making her the woman and the mom that she’s become. “My biggest hero is and always will be my mother. She has taught me about caring for others, working hard and working smart.”

2. Jessica Alba

Getty Images

Jessica Alba has two adorable daughters and something most Hollywood stars dream of: a spotless reputation. Alba knows that her work affects her family, which is why she firmly believes that family comes first. She’s known to enforce a “please and thank you” rule, and vegetables are a regular part of the family diet. Since becoming a mom, Alba has started not only a family and eco-friendly brand, The Honest Company, which provides natural diapers, body care and non-toxic cleaning products, but she has also founded the Baby2Baby charity organization.

3. Alyson Hannigan

Getty Images

It’s easy to see that Alyson Hannigan loves nothing more than being a mom. The actress glows with the joy of parenting. Whether on the set of “How I Met Your Mother,” or out with husband Alexis Denisof, she’s clearly a doting and patient mom. In interviews, she’s often said that “motherhood is just the greatest thing ever!” and that “there are so many cherished moments in every day.”

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Getty Images

Maybe there was something in the water on set of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” since Hannigan’s co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar also glows with the joy of parenting. The proud mother has two children with husband Freddie Prinze, Jr. Gellar credits her healthy lifestyle to firstborn, Charlotte. “We’ve already taught her to love healthy food…we go to the farmer’s market and put everything in the juicer. Now we’ve all been drinking it, and we’ve all been healthier.”

5. Michelle Obama

There’s nothing quite like the chaos of simultaneously being the first lady of the United States as well as a mother of two teenage girls. Michelle is well known for healthy living initiatives, an iconic style, and a down-to-earth relationship with the President. However, she always puts her responsibilities as a parent first by making sure her daughters Malia, 14, and Sasha, 17, work hard and stay humble. The Obamas have even decided to not return to their native Chicago when the President finishes his 2nd term. Rather, they are opting to stay in the capital so that Sasha can finish up at her school.

6. Jennifer Garner

Getty Images

It’s nearly impossible to find a photo of Jennifer Garner without at least one of her three kids being in it. Based on her family priorities and absence from the tabloids, she definitely earns a spot on our list.

7. Angelina Jolie

Getty Images

There’s no denying that Angelina Jolie’s life is often controversial. But at the same time, you can’t deny her generosity and dedication to parenting. She and husband Brad Pitt have six children — three of whom they adopted. The couple are also known for their great generosity, having donated many millions to causes such as UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Women in the World, UNHCR and the ONE campaign. When asked what her secret was to keeping the family so close, she said: “We have dinner together every night. No video games at the table, and mom and dad have to turn their phones off.”

8. Michelle Williams

Getty Images

Michelle Williams has been a devoted mom ever since the birth of her daughter Matilda, but it was after the very public loss of late ex, Heath Ledger, that she really proved to be the best mom ever. Williams has managed to keep the life of her children private and productive. She actively avoids Los Angeles because the paparazzi disrupts the life of her children.

9. Jillian Michaels

Getty Images

Since going public with fiance Heidi Rhoades, Michaels has called the transition to motherhood “magical, meaningful, rewarding…and chaotic.” Michaels and Rhoades adopted their then-two-year-old daughter from Haiti in May 2012, and Rhoades gave birth to a son that same month. Michaels makes the list of great celebrity moms based on her confidence, healthy lifestyle beliefs, and endless ability to find a silver lining when there are struggles.

10. Tori Spelling


Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott are definetely two of Hollywood’s most devoted and doting parents! The former “90210” beauty is constantly sharing adorable photos of her ever growing family on social media.

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