‘Resign!’ Amb. Power’s twisted moral equivalency sparks backlash


As Twitchy reported, Amb. Samantha Powers posted a tweet about Daniel Pearl, the journalist decapitated by jihadists in 2002, that had people wondering if she was evil or stupid. Perhaps both? You see, she blamed it on a “cycle of violence” and called for “reconciliation.” Worse: She doubled down on the baffling and infuriating remarks.

Citizens are rightly disgusted by her tweets and by her record of twisted moral equivalency. Now calls for her resignation are rolling in on Twitter.


Her record is indeed shake fist-inducing.


Well, Iowahawk didn’t mince words!

What say you, President Obama?


We won’t hold our breath. Evil, incredibly stupid or both, this much is clear:



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Zing! Rep. Steve Stockman predicts Paul Krugman’s reaction to Russian meteor


Reminder: After 9/11, Paul “Broken Window” Krugman wrote that one of the “favorable effects” of the attack would be the need for “some new office buildings.” And an alien invasion? Stimulus, baby!

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What This Newspaper Just Published Blew My Mind. Imagine Opening It Up And Seeing THIS Inside.

Finding a way to make your newspaper listing stand out is difficult. … but not for Felipe Salazar. Felipe is a designer and was given the task to create a memorable newspaper ad for Corona Kitchen. Instead of creating something flashy, the Colombia-based creative director manipulated the text on a classified ads page. By using skewed lines, strange angles and a lot of creativity, he developed an ad that would catch a reader’s eye. And then they’d never forget it.

Something’s amiss with this newspaper page…

Felipe Salazar

That’s because there is a 3D advertisement right in the middle. Do you see it?

Felipe Salazar

It’s an ad for Corona Kitchen. By using text alone. Felipe created a 3D kitchen in the middle of the classifieds.

Felipe Salazar

(H/T My Modern Met) This kind of creativity and advertising is amazing. How he was able to construct a 3D kitchen by only using text is fascinating. If that doesn’t encourage readers to invest in a Corona Kitchen, we’re not sure what will. Share Felipe’s amazing ad with others. The result of his hard work is amazing.

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A Blogger Forced Crest Toothpaste To Remove Plastic Pieces

1. Crest Pro Health toothpaste contains a plastic microbead:


Dental hygienist Trish Walraven noticed something familiar in toothpaste her daughter picked out at the store. It contained little blue microbeads that she had been seeing stuck in the gumlines of her patients at her dental practice.

She posted a blog entry to her site, Dental Buzz, warning readers to avoid Crest Pro Health toothpaste, since she believes that the microbeads, which are made of a polyethane plastic, are getting stuck in people’s gums and leading to gum health issues.

“I’ve been seeing these blue particles flush out of patients’ gums for several months now,” she wrote. “So has the co-hygienist in our office. So have many dental hygienists throughout the United States and Canada who have consulted with each other and realized that we have a major concern on our hands.”

3. Tricia Walraven said she had seen blue beads stuck in her patient’s gums:

Erika Feltham / Via dentalbuzz.com

The blog entry went viral on Facebook and prompted many customers to reach out to Crest to complain.

A spokesperson for Proctor & Gamble, which owns Crest, referred BuzzFeed News to a statement from the American Dental Association, which has given the toothpaste its seal of approval. The ADA statement says, “clinically relevant dental health studies do not indicate that the ADA Seal should be removed from toothpastes that contain polyethylene microbeads.”

However, Crest toothpaste is going to start removing the microbeads from its products due to customer demand, according to its official Twitter account.

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