We’re STILL Trying To Figure Out Lauryn Hill’s Defense Of Homophobic Lyrics

1. Lauryn Hill recently released a new song called “Neurotic Society,” and it’s been accused of being homophobic.

Mike Segar / Reuters

2. Here are some of the lyrics:

We’re living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time/
Commerce and girl men/
Run the whole world men
…Quick scam and drag queens/
Real life’s been blasphemed

Serial criminals dressed in variety/
Social transvestism/
Subliminal dressed up as piety

7. Lauryn Hill responded to critiques that the song was homophobic with a statement on her Tumblr.

It was super confusing.

Neurotic Society is a song about people not being, or not being able to be, who and what they truly are, due to the current social construct. I am not targeting any particular group of people, but rather targeting everyone in our society who hides behind neurotic behavior, rather than deal with it.

The world we live in now is, in many ways, an abhorrent distortion, an accumulation of generations and generations of response to negative stimuli.

Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. Although I do not necessarily agree with what everyone says or does, I do believe in everyone’s right to protest.

13. So…what are you saying here, Lauryn?

Lauryn Hill released the song short after announcing that she was recording a new album. But before that, she was sentenced to three months in prison for failing to pay taxes.

15. You can read her entire Tumblr post here.

16. And listen to the full song here:

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Two Gay Virgins Answer The Question: Why Are You Saving Yourself For Marriage?

1. In her recent video, YouTuber Areille Scarcella attempts to find out if, like many religious heterosexual couples, there are gay virgins out there saving themselves until marriage.

“It’s not something that the gay community often hears about,” notes Arielle.

2. She asked two gay men, both virgins waiting until marriage to have sex, a series of questions from viewers.

4. The first: Are you religious?


5. The biggest question: WHY?

6. “I believe [sex] is a lot more than an act of pleasure.”

7. “You should have the right to go out and have all the sex you want before you get married. You should also have that same right to say, ‘You know what? I want to wait.’”

8. Next question: What if you wait, but it turns out you waited for the wrong person?

9. “That’s why people like me save sex for marriage and not for ‘I kinda like you.’”

“Okay, but what if it still doesn’t work out? Sure, that happens. Well then we’re really getting into the moral question of divorce… suffice it to say, there are some situations where I would probably seek remarriage.”

10. “You can’t think like that.” You can only say: This is what is important to me.”

11. In the comment section of the video, Arielle asked viewers to respond with what age they lost their virginity at:

12. Which brought up this point:

13. Watch the full video here.

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