See This Beggar? You’re Never Going To Forget What He Does… And You Shouldn’t.

This old man can show you what it’s like to be a hero. He doesn’t have much, but he possesses compassion that is more valuable than any pile of gold. When you see what the 99 year-old does every day, you’ll realize that superheroes are real. They just aren’t who you think they are.

He could have used the money he collected to change his own life. He didn’t have to spend his days on the streets, but he does, just so he can give all of his money to children without families. Thank you Dobri, for everything you’ve done. Via 9gag Others need to see what he does for children. Please share this article.

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This Might Look Really, Really Adorable. But When You See What Happens Right After… OMG!

Throughout the Peru, there is an annual tradition that goes back 15 centuries, all the way to the time of the Incas. Small town celebrate the guinea pig! Many people gather in the streets with their guinea pigs, dressing them up and participating in contests. There, is however, a small catch to all of the celebrations.

Guinea pigs are a part of life for people in the Andes mountains.

Slightly Warped

The people of Peru hold yearly festivals to honor them.

Slightly Warped

They dress up their guinea pigs in adorable little outfits.

Slightly Warped

These little critters are beloved by many throughout the country.

Slightly Warped

During the celebrations, prizes are awarded for the best dressed guinea pig…

Slightly Warped

And even the biggest…

Slightly Warped

All of it is downright adorable!

Slightly Warped

Slightly Warped

At the very end, all of the guinea pigs are fed a huge meal, fit for a king.

Slightly Warped

Then, they are humanely killed and grilled for the entire town to enjoy. (WHAT.)

Slightly Warped

Guinea pig is actually a Peruvian delicacy known as “cuy.”

Slightly Warped

The people of Peru love to celebrate the guinea pig, but they still consider it a food source, much like we do rabbits.

Slightly Warped

It may seem strange (or even cruel), but the guinea pig has been a food source for the people of the Andes mountains for centuries. It continues to be a major part of the diet in Peru and Bolivia, particularly in the Andes Mountains highlands. Guinea pig is also eaten in some areas of Ecuador (mainly in the Sierra) and Colombia. Guinea pigs were originally bred in the area for food because they didn’t take up much space and they would reproduce quickly, so they could be raised in both rural and urban areas. Guinea pig meat is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol and it has been described to taste very similar to rabbit or the dark meat of a chicken. Via: Slightly Warped So hug your little piggies tightly and give thanks that they are safe in sound. Because, if they lived in Peru, their lives might have a very different outcome!

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This Distinguished WWII Veteran Might Have The Saddest Funeral Ever. This Is Heartwrenching.

An undertaker in Blackpool, England is hoping to fill some seats in honor of a Royal Air Force veteran who recently passed away without any mourners to attend his funeral. Sidney Marshall died in his home in Lythan St. Annes two weeks ago at age 90. He spent his youth fighting during World War II, present during several game changing combats against the Nazis and received a medal of honor for his bravery and skill. And now this incredible hero is in danger of not receiving a proper send off.

Pictured here with his wife Elizabeth, the couple had no children. She passed away 18 months ago.

As a mid-gunner during WWII, Sidney was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for shooting down German fighters.

He was also present during the attack which sank The Tirpitz, a Bismarck-class battleship built for Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine, on November 12, 1944.

Undertaker Eddy Jacobs is urging people to attend the funeral service. “We’ve got so much to be thankful for to guys like these.”

H/T: Daily Mail. After the war, the veteran settled down with his wife and became a warrant officer. He is survived by eight siblings, though all except one are too elderly to make it to the funeral. The service will take place at 1:30 in the afternoon on July 4th at Lytham Park Crematorium. They are requesting no flowers, but donations can be made to Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Share with your friends to make sure this great man gets the honorable goodbye he deserves.

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You’ll Never Believe The Talents These Strange Aquatic Creatures Have.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert angler or if the only thing you know about fish is whether or not you like the taste of them, you’re going to be absolutely blown away by the skills the ones below possess. As much as the ocean and other bodies of water have been researched, it still seems like we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what goes on under the water.

Take the mudskipper for example. Did you know it can walk around land for extended periods of time? Did you even know it existed? Well, there’s plenty more surprises where that came from.  

1.) Archerfish

Archerfish can shoot water at their prey from below the surface.

2.) Mudskipper

Mudskippers are amphibious fish that can not only walk, but jump on land.

3.) Black Swallower

A black swallower’s stomach is can expand to a great enough size to allow the tiny fish to eat creatures that are much larger than itself.

4.) Parrotfish

When these colorful creatures eat coral, it’s excreted as beach-building sand.

5.) Jawfish

The male jawfish uses its mouth as a nest for the eggs laid by its mate.

6.) Sawfish

The electrorsensitive pores on their toothy rostrum allow sawfish to detect the heartbeats of surrounding creatures.

7.) Seahorse


The male seahorse can give birth.

8.) Antarctic Toothfish

The antarctic toothfish can survive living in sub-zero temperatures thanks to its ability to produce antifreeze glycoproteins.

9.) Clownfish

Clownfish can change their sex and regularly do so throughout their lives.

10.) Stonefish

Stonefish can kill humans with their venom. Oh, and hid really well too, so keep your eyes peeled.

11.) Hagfish

When captured or agitated, a hagfish will use its 100+ glands to secrete a milky slime that few predators would like to have any part of.

12.) Tigerfish

Staying out of the water isn’t enough to avoid these bad boys, some can leap high enough above the surface to snag a bird.

13.) Pufferfish

As its name suggests, the pufferfish can blow itself up to the size of a softball when in danger.

14.) Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon travel distances of up to 1,600 km to migrate, a trip they’re able to make thanks in part to their ability to detect changes in the Earth’s magnetic field–which they use as somewhat of a GPS.

15.) Electric Eel

An electric eel can generate a shock of up to 600 volts. They use these shocks to hunt, defend, and communicate.

(via Mental_Floss)

If only I could hang out underwater for more than 30 seconds at a time. I’d make all of these fishes my friend. It’s incredible just what these creatures can do – I had no idea.

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Children All Around The World Play In Many Different Ways. But This Beautiful Innocence Is Priceless.

Oh, to be a kid again! If only you could actually go back to a time when every day seemed like a holiday and everything from a windswept box to a water buffalo could become the source of hours of amusement. Maybe there weren’t many water buffalo where you grew up, but the fun you had with your Game Boy is no different. The joy of playtime knows no borders and these pictures of children playing around the world show just that.

1.) America

2.) Vietnam

3.) Uganda

4.) Thailand

5.) Tajikistan

6.) South Africa

7.) Russia

8.) Romania

9.) Peru

10.) Myanmar

11.) Italy

12.) Israel

13.) Indonesia

14.) India

15.) Ghana

16.) Ethiopia

17.) Estonia

18.) Burkina Faso

(H/T Bored Panda) Those kids sure look like they’re having a blast. It’s really cool to see. They may all live in different parts of the world, but they all speak the international language of fun. Share this post using the button below.

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A Guy Spotted This Outside Of His Office Building. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It… Amazing.

Reddit user terminusbound spotted this highly unusual looking squirrel outside his office building in San Jose, California. Not only is the squirrel black and white, but it also has bright blue eyes. It’s as if it’s part squirrel, part skunk and part character from the Dune universe. In reality the squirrel has what’s called “piebald” which is a coloration that arises sometimes in many mammal populations (cats, dog, cows, horses, fox, mice, rats). In the wild, they are easy prey so usually don’t live to reproduce. Under domestication, the animals are protected and the color can become established. This squirrel probably lives a pretty sheltered life with not many predators in the area.

The lil’ guy can’t exactly camouflage with the ground and bushes.

This is what the squirrel looks like in all its magnificent beauty.

Showing off those pearly blue eyes.

Squirrel 2.0, now with urban camouflage.

The black and white fur makes it look more like a climbing skunk than a squirrel.

So just in case…better back off when it aims its behind at you.

I suppose we can’t rule out the possibility of that just being a Pokemon. Source: Reddit Share this crazy looking squirrel with your friends below.

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What This Dog Does For A Baby Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today.

There are lots of ways to soothe a fussy baby–you can feed them, change them, pick them up, give them a beer, but none may be quite as cute as Charlie the dog’s method of cheering up his human baby sister, Laura. 

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but I like it.”

As a fellow Laura, I can attest that dogs bringing me things always melts my heart, and Charlie’s entertainment does not fail. Check out this video of a dedicated pooch making sure his tiny human has a ball! Or, as it turns out, a bunch of balls!



If you liked this, you can also check out the rest of Charlie and Laura’s adventures over on their YouTube channel

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These Beautiful Portraits Are Of A Very Special Girl With Down Syndrome. She Is Stunning.

When you’re expecting a baby, the main thing you’ll probably worry about is that they’re born healthy. “Ten fingers and ten toes,” that’s what counts. But what happens when life throws you a curve ball? What if your baby’s birth didn’t go quite as expected?

England-based photographer Sian Davey’s photo series Finding Alice is a touching illustration designed to answer these very questions. Check it out for yourself. Her photos will show you that life is a miracle, no matter what your expectations were.

Sian’s daughter Alice was born with Down Syndrome.

Wanting to show that despite developing physically and mentally in a unique way, her daughter is no different from any other person, Sian took an amazing series of photos of Alice just living her life.

As you’ll see, Alice has the same love of life and curiosity that anyone her age would have. She especially loves her family and has a thirst for knowledge that others could envy.

Alice is truly cherished just as tenderly by the friends and family who surround her every day.

“I was deeply shocked when Alice was born as an ‘imperfect’ baby,” Sian confessed.

“It was not what I had expected. . . I was fraught with anxiety that rippled through to every aspect of my relationship with her. My anxieties penetrated my dreams.”

“I dreamt that Alice was swaddled in a blanket and that I had forgotten all about her. I unwrapped the tight bundle that she was nestled in, to feed her, only to discover that she was covered in a white fluid—a fluid of neglect; and yet I was unable to feed her, unable to respond to her basic needs.”

“On reflection I saw that Alice was feeling my rejection of her and that caused me further pain. I saw that the responsibility lay with me; I had to dig deep into my own prejudices and shine a light on them.”

“The result was that as my fear dissolved I fell in love with my daughter. We all did.”

“I wonder how it might be for Alice to be valued without distinction, without exception and without second glance. This project is for her, for Alice.”

(H/T: My Modern Met)

There’s no doubt that Alice’s life is full of love and happiness. She’s very lucky to have an incredible mother as well. Even though Sian was afraid in the beginning of her daughter’s life, she has raised a beautiful child that is loved by all those around her.

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Doctor Has An Entertaining Method Of Keeping A Baby Laughing While Getting Shots.

Getting shots can be a traumatizing experience for a baby. More often than not, it ends with tears and screams. To make the experience as nice as possible for his toddler patients, this awesome doctor has come with a fantastic method of keeping them laughing through the whole process. It’s simple, but genius. Watch as this cute little baby laughs with joy while getting shots.


(Source: Mama Ethiopia) I would be so proud to have him as my child’s pediatrician, you can tell the dad was thinking the same thing…heck, now I actually want to get my vaccinations there, too. Share this great pediatrician and his box of tissues with your friends below.

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Nothing Would Stop Them From Getting Married. Not Even Death.

When Andre Timberlake-Evans realized he was having health issues, he proposed to his loving girlfriend Maria. They planned to get married in Sicily within a year.

But then, his health took a severe turn for the worse.

Andre was shocked to learn he had incurable brain cancer. He didn’t waste any time marrying the love of his life.

Only 2 weeks after the diagnosis, he married Maria, his long-time partner. “I am going to treasure every moment with my lovely new wife.”

Andre first went to the doctor when he was messing up his words and had trouble hearing. They thought he just had a benign brain tumor. Instead, doctors discovered he had a Grade Four glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of brain tumor.

It’s never too late to appreciate the ones you love. Do it before they’re gone.

“I’m just thinking we are going to have a bit more time together – and we are just going to enjoy each day as it comes.”

Share this … and then go hug someone you love.


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