Viewers angered after singer Chris Daughtry goes ‘off the clock’ on D-Day [video]!/HerNamesJen/status/475058694418608128

Daughtry performed on Friday as part of the “FOX & Friends” “All-American Summer Concert Series.” After he finished his set, the hosts asked if he would stick around to sing a patriotic song with the audience in honor of D-Day. Here’s what happened:!/Jary798/status/475265361932066816

Many viewers saw Daughtry’s reaction as disrespectful and took to Twitter to share their feelings:!/martysmith123/status/475036090550996993!/rachelengland1/status/475036424073265152!/OCAmericans/status/475037770654953472!/thehairtech/status/475037870475202560!/VikiWatsonFLR/status/475201145711783936!/StacyVB/status/475062469816492032!/SassyTexasGal/status/475089838715052033!/BillsSabres88/status/475034904515072000!/petercooknh/status/475058700047372288!/Fesman70/status/475135505047498752

But not everyone agreed:!/ConservaKat/status/474960680429555713

Though viewers may dispute the meaning of Daughtry’s actions, one thing is for sure:!/Redpisces3/status/475034334056173568

And we are eternally grateful for their bravery. God bless our veterans.

(Hat tip: Jary798)

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Feminists discover #YesAllWomen didn’t even change John Fugelsang!/FoxieJD/status/470943508728004608

Nothing is quite so devastating as logging on to social media only to discover that yesterday’s sanctimonious hashtag campaign didn’t change the world overnight.!/FionaEWhelan/status/470891693886423040


Chances are, whoever started the #ThingsGirlsSayDuringSex game wasn’t even paying attention to #YesAllWomen, but please feel free to continue thinking everything is about you.!/NintendoTweet/status/470941239739576321!/vnt123D/status/470955381296873472

No, it’s clearly a retaliation because nobody EVER made sex jokes on Twitter before today.!/LRenceFivvens/status/470913905414635520

Negative, unless it was a clairvoyant idiot misogynist. The hashtag is at least two years old and if you scan through it, the participants are pretty bipartisan with regard to gender.

Heck, even feminist crusader-beta John Fugelsang jumped in. You may remember him from Al Gore’s now defunct Current TV which actually was a real thing.!/JohnFugelsang/status/470947552280735744

See, it’s funny because girls are so dumb they will have sex with Charlie Sheen to get a part on the canceled sitcom that fired him 3 years ago. HA!



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‘Perfect example of male entitlement’: Pro-feminist supporters of #YesAllWomen angry about #YesAllPeople

‘Unless they’re conservative’: Feminist hashtag #YesAllWomen gets reality check from those standing ‘strong and free’

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