This Man Set A World Record For Doing Something Alarmingly Awful. Ew.

When is the last time you did planks at the gym? How long did you hold it for? For those not familiar, planks are an exercise in working your core muscles. You start in the push-up position on your arms and hold it for 30 seconds to a minute.

Well, I guarantee you that Mao Weidong, a member of Beijing’s SWAT team, has your best plank time beat. He recently set the world record for longest plank ever.

Weidong held the plank position for 4 hours and 26 minutes.

The previous world record was 3 hours and 7 minutes. Weidong beat that time by an hour and 19 minutes.

Most people can only hold the plank position for 30 second to a minute.

Here he is, proudly displaying his world record certificate.

Via: Telegraph

Bravo! That’s impressive. I can only imagine how much his abs hurt the next day. Maybe it’s time I renewed my gym membership…

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What’s Happening On This Australian Beach Looks Absolutely Alien. It’s Not, Right?

One of the worst feelings in the world is walking down a beautiful, sandy beach and then suddenly stepping on something sharp or squishy (gross). Lots of creatures live near or in the ocean, and sometimes you get a nasty surprise. But what would you do if you saw an army of green globs wash ashore on your local beach? You’d probably freak out, wouldn’t you?

When these strange spheres appeared one day, t people of Dee Why, Australia, did a little research before sending the entire world into a panic. These creepy-looking creatures spotted on the sand are not aliens, but marimo, a type of algae. Yes, they’re living beings, and they’re nothing to worry about. Just ask the people of Japan and Scotland, where marimo washed up on their shores in the past. Some, in fact, keep the marimo as pets. Take a look!  

Marimo typically grow on rocks, but sometimes waves knock them off of the hard surface.

As the waves continue to push them about, they usually become rounded like a ball.

“Marimo” is actually Japanese for “bouncy plant.”

They might not make very exciting plants, but since all they need is sunlight and water for survival, you can’t beat how easy it is to care for them.

(via Pikchur)

Wow. What an interesting thing. That ocean is just full of mysteries, isn’t it? While I’ll admit they don’t seem like aliens, I don’t know if I’ll be taking one in as a pet anytime soon. (Actually, I guess they are pretty cute. We’ll see!)

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The Broadway Cast Of Aladdin Sang A Tribute To Robin Williams. Get Some Tissues.

The world has yet to recover from the shock of Robin Williams’s death. Recently, it was announced by his wife, Susan Schneider, that the 63 year-old entertainer was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. That sad fact makes his death even more tragic than it already was. So many were touched by his work and are still grieving over his loss.

People are remembering his years of wonderful work in the most amazing ways. One that will bring you to tears in about 5 seconds flat is this special Broadway performance. The cast of Broadway’s “Aladdin” sang the song, “Friend Like Me,” in his honor last Tuesday night.

James Monroe Iglehart, the actor who plays the Genie, led both the cast and the audience in song.

It might be tough getting through this without tearing up, you may want to grab some tissues:


(H/T Elite Daily)

If you’re anything like me, remembering his work is bittersweet. Tears mix with laughter as we go back and watch some of his best performances. Please share this touching tribute with others on Facebook by clicking the link below.

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