31 Quirky Fierce Swimsuits That Are Perfect For Summer

1. For fun times on the beach this summer, why not try a distorted cat print?

Get it at Topshop; $64 for the set

2. Or the classic yellow polka dot bikini.

From Madewell; $39.99 for each piece.

3. This horse suit is on the pricey side, but also beautiful and unexpected.

From We Are Handsome; $297.

4. You might prefer a sequin mosaic for your bustline.

Get it at River Island; the top is $34 and the bottom is $26

5. Megan Draper-esque.

From Modcloth; $184.99.

6. A quirky print keeps a sexy cut from going overboard.

A French Connection exclusive to Asos for $69.83.

7. Geometric spunk.

Get it at Asos; the top is $23.83 and bottom is $19.95

8. Sporty and sexy in a Bond girl way.

By Aerie; top is $35.95 and bottom is $24.95

9. And because you’ve probably always wanted to look like a well-decorated lawn…

From Victoria’s Secret; top is $30.50, bottom is $18.50

10. A chicer version of what you might have worn to swim lessons as a kid.

From American Eagle; $44.99.

11. Contrast is everything with this suit.

River Island; $50.

12. Obligatory nautical inspired suit.

From Target; $14 each for top and bottom.

13. You could make this ironically cute.

From L.L. Bean (!); top is $49.95 and bottom is $34.95.

14. Separates that at once match and don’t match.

Diane Von Furstenberg via The Outnet; top is $34.30 and bottom is $37.60.

15. Or just look like you’re wearing a black light.

Get it at Target; the top is $14 and bottom is $12.

16. Everything about this is classic but the statement print.

FromNastygal; $160.

17. Black-and-white stripes — very on-trend.

Volcom at Pacsun; top is $47.95; bottom is $35.95

18. Something a sexy sci-fi heroine might wear.

From Nastygal; $85.

19. One large ruffle is so much better than fringe.

Get it at Forever 21; top is $14.80, bottom is $12.80.

20. Leopard print made somehow cheesier/sexier.

By Malene Birger; get it at The Outnet for $79.99, marked down from $230.

21. Or, wear a landscape.

From Zara; top and bottom are each $19.90.

22. Bring out your inner geek.

By James Lillis; get it at Black Milk for $103.37.

23. Like an ’80s hair band logo in the best way possible.

From Forever 21; $22.80.

24. Put a bow on it?

By Maykool; $29.99.

25. If there were such thing as an “evening swimsuit” it would be this.

From American Apparel; $50.

26. If simply eating this isn’t enough (which it isn’t)…

From Topshop; $64 for the set.

27. Flowers + ruffles. Fluffles?

From River Island; top is $30 and bottoms are $20.

28. Adorably retro.

Lolli Swim at Modcloth; top is $78.99 and bottom is $82.99.

29. Sunflowers aren’t used in prints often enough.


By Tallow; set available at Pacsun for $109.95.

31. And lastly, for the modern man with prehistoric tastes.

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