What They Discovered On The Beach Horrified Them. But Their Reaction Is Fantastic.

At 6:00 am, most of us aren’t even ready to drag ourselves out of bed yet… But before we even thought about what we’d like for breakfast, this guy was saving a life.

A dolphin life, that is. The distressed animal was discovered  in the early hours of the morning on a beach in Perdido Key, FL and, with a hand from human friends, lives to keep on swimming another day.

This is how they found the poor guy. He wasn’t moving and they weren’t sure if he was alive.

He wasn’t able to breathe with his blowhole in the surf, but after a moment they saw him blink his eye and decided to take action.

With the help of a couple passing by, they were all able to get him upright and on his way!

H/T: Reddit.

“So long and thanks for all the help!” – This dolphin to his rescuers…if we were in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 🙂

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Groan: White House promises day-long ‘budgetpalooza’ tomorrow; Claims objective is jobs

.@PressSec promises a daylong "budgetpalooza" when the 2014 budget is released tomorrow.

— PETER MAER (@petermaercbs) April 9, 2013

Oh, good grief! Will President Obama “slow jam” the budget, too? Although, slow really is the operative word: The budget is, once again, late.

We have a budget-palooza scheduled for tomorrow at WH. #CSPAN pic.twitter.com/Cmz0MbCwTN

— CSPAN Field Techs (@CSPANBen) April 9, 2013


— Sarah Courtney (@sarahmcourtney) April 9, 2013

Voterama, budgetpalooza, killmenowa.

— Igor Bobic (@igorbobic) April 9, 2013


Carney then offered up this, which we can only assume was meant to be a joke.

Jay Carney says we've still "got a long way to go" on jobs, economy. Says that is #1 goal of POTUS budget.

— Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) April 9, 2013

On new federal budget to be submitted tomorrow: Carney says it reflects Pres Obama's #1 objective: grow the economy and create jobs.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 9, 2013

Laser-like focus! Again.

Twitter isn’t buying it.

Tell us another! MT @markknoller: On new Obama budget: Carney says it reflects Pres Obama's #1 objective: grow the economy and create jobs.

— Joel Pollak (@joelpollak) April 9, 2013

BO Ghost story? @markknoller: On new Obama budget: Carney says it reflects Obama's #1 objective: grow the #economy & create #jobs" #tcot

— I'm Mex-Cellent (@StLNetworkGuru) April 9, 2013



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BuzzFeed asks José Canseco to Nerd Prom; Canseco hopes to meet Dick Lugar there



José Canseco has been trolling for an invitation to the 2013 Tiger Beat Banquet, er, White House Correspondents Dinner since last year. He even offered Michelle Obama a hug in exchange for a ticket. Because who wouldn’t want to witness our esteemed media squeeing like Twi-hards and tossing their panties at celebrity crushes?

José is also dying for a chance to meet Dick Lugar.

@arimelber @senatorleahy @adamgreen I would really like to have lunch with Dick Lugar can you set up a lunch for the four of us buddy?

— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 21, 2013

So how could he possibly turn down the chance to be BuzzFeed’s celeb arm-candy?

@mccollumashley I have always wanted to go to that dinner ash.bet I could track dick lugar down there.set it up!

— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 21, 2013

@mccollumashley hey ash get my agent at joemelendez@msn.com. thanks

— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 21, 2013

Train wreck of trolls at Nerd Prom? #YesWeCanseco.

@ghostofkelor @josecanseco I sure as hell hope so.

— Ashley McCollum (@McCollumAshley) February 21, 2013

@buzzfeedandrew wouldnt miss it buddy. while there point out some super committee members so I can kick their ass for this damn sequester

— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 21, 2013

Here’s a preview of the dinner conversation:

@jimmyprinceton will be confirmed. neocons resent him for iraq breakand will weaken him.Politicos Friends of Hamas rumor didnt help

— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 21, 2013

@arimelber cmon ari old news. pat’s passion is the constitution and he would have had to leave judiciary com.do what you love

— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 21, 2013

@buzzfeedandrew I will always have my guns.protect yourself

— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 21, 2013

Popcorn ready.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/02/21/buzzfeed-asks-jose-canseco-to-nerd-prom-canseco-bet-i-could-track-dick-lugar-down-there-set-it-up/