This Artist Combined Famous Moments In Sports And High Art In A Tremendous Way.

Art and sports are two worlds that very rarely collide. Even in today’s Internet world where everyone can easily find their own bubble of interest, sports is relegated to prime tv and you have to go hang out with smelly art people at art shows if you want to see some art.

Jens Ullrich is an artist based out of Berlin who aims to bridge the two by using his collages to fuse famous feats of athleticism with artful sculptures of antiquity. Check out some of his pieces below or visit his website for more information.

My favorite one is the guy diving for the volleyball but looks very sorrowful about it as if he’s saying “it brings me no joy to be this good at a beach sport invented so we can look at girls jump around in bikinis.”.

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Al Gore fury over report of Obama administration blanket surveillance!/algore/status/342455655057211393

Al Gore is not happy about the latest report of massive NSA snooping:!/ggreenwald/status/342418091625570305

Twitter users joined Gore in a rare fit of bipartisanship to bash what could be the latest addition to a growing line of Obama administration scandals:!/allahpundit/status/342440897847373824!/CuffyMeh/status/342442146021928960!/RBPundit/status/342466222987808769!/benshapiro/status/342463331908599809!/LilMissRightie/status/342438214721757184!/jamespoulos/status/342441676838666240

Twitchy will have more as this story develops.

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Woman walks off pier into Lake Michigan while texting!/StephensRep/status/182251022427754496

We all know the dangers of texting and driving, but we bet you didn’t know texting and walking could be just as dangerous!

Don't text and walk people! It may seem easy, but piss off the people you cut off or bump into, or worse,gets you dumped into Lake Michigan!

— McKahin外人 (@McKahin) March 21, 2012

'I'm really embarrassed': Woman writing a text, misses her step and falls off pier into Lake Michigan

— One Direction (@AllAbout1DNews) March 21, 2012

I mean. It happens. MT @JammieWF: Woman writing a text, misses her step and falls off pier into Lake Michigan

— Tabitha Hale (@TabithaHale) March 21, 2012

Lady in Michigan was trying to walk and text and she walked off a pier into the lake #amateurhour

— Tel Hepfler (@telhepfler) March 21, 2012

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Communication done right, starring Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert!/blakeshelton/status/230746784945807360

Some married couples use social media to avoid communicating with their spouses. Others, like Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, use it to communicate even when they’re in the same room.

@blakeshelton: “@Miranda_Lambert: Hot.” Bragger!!!” why are u sitting across from me tweeting? Are you flirting with me?

— Miranda Lambert (@mirandalambert) August 1, 2012

Could these two be any cuter?!

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