Oil set for 3rd weekly loss in a month.

Oil prices edged slightly higher Friday, but were set to log their third weekly loss in a month, as traders continued to weigh signs of OPEC-led cutbacks in global crude production against data pointing to the likelihood of further gains in U.S. output.

May West Texas Intermediate crude CLK7, +0.36% rose 6 cents, or less than 0.1%, to $47.73 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It touched intraday highs above $48 early Friday following news that Saudi Arabia, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ biggest producer, said it has cut its oil exports to the U.S. dramatically. For the week, WTI oil prices were poised for a loss of about 2%.

May Brent crude LCOK7, +0.16% added 3 cents, or about 0.1%, to $50.68 a barrel—on pace for a weekly loss of about 2.2%.

“In the oil market, it is the upcoming OPEC meeting on Sunday which will drive prices next week,” said Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst at Think Markets.

Five representatives of the countries that signed up to the output agreement—Kuwait, Algeria, Venezuela, and non-OPEC nations Russia and Oman—will meet in Kuwait on Sunday to review the current level of compliance. Most members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries are adhering to their pledges to make cuts, but data suggest not all non-OPEC producers are sticking to their quotas.

“OPEC has done their part, but U.S. inventory data is still rising, keeping the lid on the oil price,” said Aslam.

Data on the number of active U.S. oil rigs from Baker Hughes BHI, +0.42% later Friday will also offer provide an update on oil activity. That number has so far risen every week this year, save for one.

“Until either the pace of U.S. production gains moderates or reverses, or global stockpiles begin to show signs that the global production cuts are actually beginning to affect supply, the outlook for the oil complex remains bearish,” Tyler Richey, co-editor of the Sevens Report, told MarketWatch.

Oil prices have been mired in red for most of the week, as U.S. stockpiles hit a record, based on weekly data from the EIA going back to 1982.

But a Saudi energy official said late Thursday that the kingdom’s crude exports to the U.S. in March have fallen by around 300,000 barrels a day, in line with the cuts agreed under the OPEC output deal, according to Reuters.

Elsewhere in the energy spectrum, gasoline for April RBJ7, +0.40% traded up less than 0.1% at $1.591 a gallon, set for a weekly loss of around 0.5%, while April heating oil HOJ7, +0.16% traded nearly flat at $1.49 a gallon, down about 1.2% for the week.

Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/crude-oil-breaks-4-day-losing-streak-after-saudis-slash-exports-to-us-2017-03-24

Ed Henry destroys Obama is not good at ‘political theater’ claim with one point



As Twitchy reported, Obama made the enraging claim that the reason he should not have golfed after his presser on the beheading of James Foley was due to “optics.” That was his lesson learned: He’s just not mindful enough of the “theater of politics,” you see.

WaPo swiftly tried to run to the president’s aide. Lapdogs gotta be lapdogs:




Ah, the days of yore! Speaking of days of yore, Fox News’ Ed Henry crushed the absurd claim with one easy reminder:



A good exit point, though:


Yep. Everything everywhere ever is all about him.


Don’t look now Obama, but we all know you just admitted you don’t care and only try to look like you do

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‘I’ll be counting the softballs’: President Obama to be Chuck Todd’s first ‘Meet the Press’ guest

Fist bump? Just when you thought Obama’s golf after Foley presser couldn’t get more sickening … [photo]

Sad, enraging summation: How ‘appalled’ by Foley beheading was Obama? THIS appalled

‘Yow!’ You’re about to see why this ‘blistering’ Daily News Obama cover may be the best ever [photo]

‘When you’ve lost Ezra’: Journos find Obama golfing after James Foley presser ‘in bad taste’

Bet you can’t guess where Obama went right after his James Foley presser!

That time when Obama gave a statement on ISIS and all we got was a stern face and tees

Twitchy coverage of Ed Henry

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More than 40 killed in Egypt on anniversary of victory over Israeli forces


Oct. 6 is the 40th anniversary of Egypt’s surprise attack on Israeli forces at the Suez Canal in 1973. That short-lived victory over Israel has been a national holiday ever since, and “celebrations” in the street today by pro- and anti-government forces left a reported 44 dead.


Mosa’ab Elshamy was on the scene and captured some stunning images of the clashes between Mohammed Morsi supporters and the Egyptian military, which took over in January in the coup that isn’t a coup.


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/10/06/more-than-40-killed-in-egypt-on-anniversary-of-victory-over-israeli-forces-photos/

These Deep-Sea Divers Are Feeding Some Seriously Terrifying Creatures

When it comes to creatures of the deep, it’s not uncommon for us to rightly fear big baddies like sharks, but eels can be just as terrifying. Take the freaky-looking wolf eel, for example. The wolf eel is a rather large animal that burrows into rock crevices of varying depths, and it’s known for its powerful bite.

This bite is used for eating shellfish like mussels and clams. While they’re rarely aggressive, they have been known to have a taste for human flesh if provoked. While the diver in the video below escapes without getting bitten, knowing the eel could’ve probably taken his arm off if it wanted to makes him teasing it all the more nerve-wracking.

My two worst fears: deep water and terrifying predators.

According to the video description on YouTube, this particular diver has actually been nursing this wolf eel back to health for over a year. That might explain the pair’s curious relationship. For some reason, that doesn’t make it seem any less freaky to me.

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Some People Believe In Ghosts… Others Believe In These Spirits.

We all know who Casper The Friendly Ghost is. (FYI: he is a kind, child ghost who has his own feature film.) Are there REAL ghosts as friendly as Casper? Most ghost stories are ones of fear and paranormal danger, but the video below just might change that perception.

Did you see that adorable little smudge nervously navigating the un-crowded lobby? Notice he didn’t just run up to these people and menacingly play with their hair or warn them of their impending doom. Nope! Ghost or no, whatever this thing was it seemed more scared of that man than the man was of him.

Casper lives!…well, you know what I mean.

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What Does Your Favorite Disney Princess Say About You?

Are you the fairest of them all?

    1. Walt Disney Pictures

      Snow White

    2. Walt Disney Pictures


    3. Walt Disney Pictures


    1. Walt Disney Pictures


    2. Walt Disney Pictures


    3. Walt Disney Pictures


    1. Walt Disney Pictures


    2. Walt Disney Pictures


    3. Walt Disney Pictures


    1. Walt Disney Pictures


    2. Walt Disney Pictures


    3. Walt Disney Pictures


What Does Your Favorite Disney Princess Say About You?

  1. You got: You’re sincere.

    You’re incredibly sincere, just like Snow White. You effortlessly shine in all that you do, and because of that some people don’t like you. But you learned a long time ago that people won’t always like you… and you will never let that stop you. You got big plans for life, and because of your sincerity, you have about a million friends to see you through to the end. Here’s to you — never let the world harden you.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  2. You got: You’re a dreamer!

    Dreamin’ aint easy — but it’s so worth it. You and your girl Cinderella understand that sentiment all too well. Ever since you can remember, you’ve envisioned the future. You have always wanted the most out of life, and you have never let anyone or anything get in the way of your dreams. You’re an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. And you’re bound to accomplish 1,000 dreams in your lifetime. Dream on.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  3. You got: You’re charming!

    Just like Aurora, you could be asleep for YEARS and people would never be able to forget you — you’re just that charming. Being around you is like a breath of fresh air. You’re like a light bulb on a summer night, and people are flies. They are drawn to you. And honestly, who can blame them? Shine on.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  4. You got: You’re brave!

    You and your girl Ariel are the type of people that fall seven times, and stand up eight. You laugh in the face of obstacles. You most definitely would have been in Gryffindor. You’re the first of your friends to go into the haunted houses in October, and the last person to ever let anything get in the way of you getting where you need to be. We all admire you, and tbh we’re maybe even a little scared of you.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  5. You got: You always see the best in people!

    What a quality. Just like Belle, you look for the best in people, and generally have no problem finding it, even when others might not see it. You’re a rare form of beauty — the kind that is truly inside and out. We could all take some lessons from you.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  6. You got: You stand up for what you believe in!

    Deep down, most of us wish we could be a little more like you and Jasmine. Both of you have strong beliefs and opinions — and you never back down. You stand up for what is right, and never stop fighting for what you believe in. You believe that, in life, if you don’t stand for something, you can fall for anything. You’re the kind of person that could change the world. Be the change!

    Walt Disney Pictures
  7. You got: You’re adventurous!

    Your life is the very definition of wanderlust, and Pocahontas is basically your spirit animal. You’re always searching for an adventure everywhere you go. You know that the beauty in life is all around us, if only we learn to look for it. You’re difficult to keep up with, and can’t be tamed, but you enjoy finding people to run right alongside you onto the next adventure.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  8. You got: You’re fearless!

    People like you and Mulan don’t come around every dynasty, if you know what we’re saying. You are a rare gem. You know that doing what is right is sometimes the hardest thing, but you never let that stop you. You’re a fighter, and you have never once let fear determine the outcome of the fight. You do whatever it takes to protect those you love. You’re a legend, and even if you don’t always feel like it, you’re absolutely going to leave your mark.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  9. You got: You’re a go-getter!

    Repeat after me: I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. You and Tiana are serious go-getters, and damn, we all could take a lesson or two from you. You don’t need anyone, you rely on yourself, but you have some amazing people in your life to which you are fiercely loyal. You know that life isn’t always easy, in fact sometimes it’s just downright hard, but you have goals and you’ll be damned if anyone or anything gets in your way. You’re going to run the world someday.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  10. You got: You’re loyal!

    You and Rapunzel are basically the best type of people to be around, and your friends and family know it. You are loyal to the core, and treat those you love with the upmost respect at all times. You are selfless. The one thing that you could never handle is seeing anyone you care about upset. You do whatever it takes to see those you love happy. And that is a beautiful quality to have. We all want a friend like you.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  11. You got: You’re powerful!

    You and Merida are forces to be reckoned with. And we aren’t just talking about your physical strength. You’re just a strong person. And you give strength to others. You are the backbone of your family and friend groups. And you are unapologetically yourself, which is something we should all strive for. Keep killing the game.

    Walt Disney Pictures
  12. You got: You’re passionate!

    You and Anna have a unique passion for life that most only strive for. You truly do live each day to the fullest, and see beauty in the littlest things. You are unknowingly an inspiration to basically everyone you come across. And being around you gives everyone a little bit more appreciation for each day. You make life a little more beautiful by just being you.

    Walt Disney Pictures

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/laraparker/what-does-your-favorite-disney-princess-say-about-you

Vitamix Blenders Spin Off Shards Of Teflon — But It’s Probably OK

Some Vitamix blenders produce tiny black particles of polytetrafluoroethylene, the non-stick chemical more commonly known as Teflon. Customers are upset, though health experts say there’s nothing to worry about.

AP Photo / Tony Dejak / Via apimages.com

Owners of Vitamix blenders — the expensive pulverizing machines adored by foodies and celebrities, and used by Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Jamba Juice — have taken to the internet over the past year to complain of a mysterious substance coming from the machines’ signature angled blades: tiny black particles.

“O-ring tiny abrasions leak into my smoothie!” noted one Amazon review. “Not sure what it is but I’m guessing this isn’t the spontaneous generation of vitamins,” quipped another on YouTube. “I find it quite irresponsible that they keep selling these defective blades and making their customers (women and children and babies) eat black plastic,” said a post on Slickdeals.

The shards are made mostly of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the non-stick chemical more commonly known as Teflon, the company told BuzzFeed News.

The PTFE flecks apparently come from a seal at the bottom of the containers used in all blender models, Scott Tennant, director of communications at Vitamix, told BuzzFeed News. PTFE “has been used in pots and pans and other cookware for more than 50 years.”

The flecks also contain about 2% graphite, which gives them their black color, Tennant said.

Vitamix conducted an internal analysis late last summer, then contracted an independent standards company to conduct similar tests. Vitamix has not published any of these scientific results.

Vitamix sold 1.4 million blenders last year, typically retailing between $400 and $700.

Though news of the mysterious “black dust” has set many customers into panic mode, ingesting PTFE is not harmful, according to independent health experts.

The reason PTFE works so well as a non-stick coating is because it’s chemically inert: Nothing reacts with it. So if the particles are indeed PTFE, as the company claims, then there’s nothing to fret about, experts say.

“It’s unsightly, and not many people want to have the visual of having black flakes in your food,” Edward Boyer, director of toxicology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, told BuzzFeed News. “But it’s probably better for you than eating a cheeseburger every meal.”

Since last spring, angry customers have been posting evidence of the tiny particles, which become visible if you run the machine with water inside.

youtube.com / Via youtube.com

“BEHOLD… Very Expensive Black Dust,” wrote one customer above this photo.

geekhack / Via geekhack.org

Vitamix is working on a new, shard-free model.

“We are working toward possible modifications to the seal that we hope to have in place later this year,” Tennant said.

The company will not be recalling the old models because the flecks don’t pose any safety risks, he added. “We do care very, very deeply about customer preferences,” he said. “This was not a safety issue.”

It is true that pure PTFE is usually safe. The exception is when PTFE gets very hot — above 500 degrees Fahrenheit — and turns into vapor. People who breathe in these fumes, such as workers who mill PTFE, can get chills, fever, and respiratory distress.

Vitamix machines produce a lot of heat: The blades spin so forcefully that, after running for several minutes, it can heat the contents of the container, making hot soup. But that’s not enough to vaporize PTFE.

“The good news here is it’s very, very difficult for household equipment to heat up to the point that it can vaporize PTFE,” Boyer, the University of Massachusetts toxicologist, said. “Unless you’ve got a burning Vitamix mixer, you’re not going to have a problem with it.”

Vitamix has offered some customers replacement machines, but many complain that the replacements produce the same particles.

Facebook: VitamixCorporation / Via Facebook: VitamixCorporation

Some customers are frustrated by the company’s lack of transparency about its investigation.

Linda Newnham, a Vitamix customer from Hobart, Tasmania, first learned of the black flecks last October, when someone posted about it in her Vitamix Facebook group. She reached out to Vitamix Australia and Vitamix U.S. several times, by phone and Facebook message, and company representatives told her they were aware of the problem but didn’t have any answers.

“I also posted comments on Vitamix US Facebook page asking for information about the black specks which were just ignored!!,” Newnham told BuzzFeed News by email. “I was quite surprised that a company with such a good reputation had such a bad customer service!!!”

A few months ago, Steven Palmer, an attorney from Cleveland, Ohio, was searching online for a new container for his Vitamix 5200. He came across several of the YouTube videos showing the black dust, then discovered that his own machine made it too.

Palmer sent the company a message through its website: “I am worried that I may be ingesting something harmful. Can you let me know what this is, and how it can be fixed?” A few days later, a customer service representative acknowledged the problem and explained that the flecks were PTFE. Palmer wrote back again, asking more about safety concerns. But the company did not respond.

“We got the machine to make baby food,” Palmer told BuzzFeed News. “They haven’t given a satisfactory answer from my perspective.”

Despite his frustration, Palmer hasn’t ditched the machine. He’s using the powerful Vitamix base with a different container, made by Waring Products, one of Vitamix’s main competitors. (The first Waring container he tried made the same black flecks, but the second one, so far, is clear.)

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/virginiahughes/vitamix-blenders-spin-off-shards-of-teflon-but-its-probably

Obama food stamp phone: Selling food stamps for iPhone 5 is latest rage


Out: #Obamaphone. In: iPhone paid for with sold food stamps. At least, according to Twitter it is. And, thanks to President Obama’s suspension of some work requirements, the number of able-bodied Americans on food stamps has doubled.

DRUDGE: “Report: Number of able-bodied adults on food stamps doubled after Obama suspended work requirement…” Wow!

— Janie Johnson (@jjauthor) September 30, 2012

Number of "able-bodied" on food stamps doubled after Obama used stimulus to lift key work requirements. http://t.co/kUtQa07x Compassion?

— Fishing With Fredo (@FishingwFredo) September 28, 2012

More from The Heritage Foundation:

A new report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) confirms that food stamp participation doubled among able-bodied adults after the Obama Administration suspended the program’s work requirements. As Heritage’s Kiki Bradley notes:

The welfare reform of 1996 requires that after three months on food stamps, recipients be engaged in some kind of work activity for at least 20 hours a week. Tucked away in the mammoth 2009 so-called “stimulus” spending bill was the suspension of this requirement for able-bodied adults with no children.

The result has been that between 2008 and 2010, the number of these able-bodied adults on food stamps doubled—from 1.9 million to 3.9 million, according to CRS. (Total participation is now at roughly 47 million, or one in seven Americans.)

What struck a nerve w/ #ImWithMitt ? The food stamps statistics. They *hate* to admit (or refuse to admit) Obama exacerbated this problem.

— LittleMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) September 26, 2012

Yes, he did. And a result?


Yep. While that Twitter user was joking, guess what is actually happening? Twitchy reported back in April about rampant food stamp fraud. Now that fraud includes the selling of food stamps to purchase … the latest iPhone. No, really.

I wonder how many people lining up for the new iPhone 5 are also accepting food stamps. Just asking…

— Ben Marchi (@marchimb) September 22, 2012

Asked and Twitter answers.

Girl I can't believe you sold your food stamps for an iPhone 5 lol #shitmybrosays

— Ashlii Rodriguez (@misashliinicole) September 30, 2012

Anyone trying to buy the iPhone 5 with food stamps?! I know the spot. Lmao.

— Michael Gonzalez (@michaelgonzlz) September 29, 2012

For 499$ they selling food stamps “@Kass1nova: Somebody child support payment just got they baby mama a prepaid iPhone 5 thru Criket Lmao”

— Miss Mandie (@_MAnd3e_) September 28, 2012


Bxxtches round heaa selling all their li food stamps faa a iPhone 5 .! Bol

— Jaaaay (@yaboyjaay) September 23, 2012

Bought my iPhone 5 with Food Stamps 😁

— Parker (@OhSnapItsParker) September 29, 2012

@ItsA_OK @antmoneyy20 I got people selling their food stamps for IPhone 5's

— Krystie_Mo (@Krystie_Mo) September 28, 2012

I think ima sell my food stamps for the iPhone 5 #FuckIt

— S O C I A L (@Socially_FLY) September 25, 2012




Some rachet bitch said " imma cash in 400$ of my foodstamps so I can get 200$ to get the iPhone 5 "

— Shmurda ♊️ (@ExhalePainx_) September 22, 2012

Trynna buy a iPhone 5 wit food stamps

— TeeJay (@JerkBoySwag) September 30, 2012

Smfh RT @SweetTastyTweet: I aint paying my boostmobile bill this month, I'm going to sell my food stamps and get me an iPhone

— Not Aaron (@ImN0tAaron) September 28, 2012

Which one of y'all ratchets selling food stamps tryna get that Iphone 5….sell em to me, i ain't judging at all…

— Dat Boy Nard (@IAmDatBoyNard) September 25, 2012

Im trynna to buy the iPhone 5 with Food Stamps

— Steven Spears (@Mr_Hercules_) September 29, 2012

"Ayee you got that iPhone 5 how much was it?" $100 worth of food stamps bitch

— – idgt (@OG_Bree_x) September 30, 2012

This girl on the bus said I wonder if I can use food stamps to buy a iPhone lls 😹😹😹😹

— K.D.M (@CharmSantana) September 25, 2012


I'll ignore that last part. “@StuckOnMyThrone: Smart hoe RT @OhSnapItsParker: Bought my iPhone 5 with Food Stamps 😁”

— Parker (@OhSnapItsParker) September 29, 2012

She’s offended. But buying an iPhone with tax-payer funded food stamps is totally fine. Other Twitter users notice a lot of iPhone use while using food stamps. Did they also cash them in to get that phone? Or are people who can afford iPhones and the expensive monthly data plans qualifying for food stamps?


i wish i had the iphone 5 like the people standing in front of me with the food stamps.

— sami. (@samisynoraski) September 29, 2012

This woman has an iPhone 5 and food stamps… One of these things don't not belong!!

— Katiera McClure (@Katieradactyl) September 28, 2012

Someday I hope to afford the new iPhone… like the girl in front of me with food stamps.

— Beyanka Francis (@indeathwepart) September 29, 2012


Just witnessed a girl checking twitter on her new iPhone while paying for groceries with food stamps.

— Brendan Schutt (@bschutt14) September 26, 2012


President Obama, creating or saving more Peggy the Moochers.

I just watched a lady pay for food with food stamps while talking on an iphone 5. #BrokenSystem

— bro(ton)grammer (@joshbroton) September 28, 2012

Bingo. Let’s fix it come November.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/09/30/food-stamps-recipients-double-under-obama-result-selling-food-stamps-for-an-iphone-5-is-all-the-rage/

Good News! Eventually The Universe Will Become Too Cold And Everything Will Just Die

Something to keep in mind the next time the long, cold winter has got you down.

1. Let’s assume that about 13.7 billion years ago, there was a sort of biggish kind of bang. Let’s call it the “Biggish Bang.”

Adult Swim

During this “Biggish Bang,” all the energy and matter in the universe suddenly popped into existence, and literally everything just started exploding all over the place all at once.

2. Naturally, a bang that biggish would produce a lot of energy. In fact, it produced all the energy. As you might imagine, having all the energy and matter all at once in one place gets a little toasty.

“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” / FOX

3. Which is great! The universe needs energy and heat! It’s what makes things do things. Without energy, matter would be pretty useless.

4. And here we are, 13.7 billion years later. The universe is still pretty hot, and there’s still plenty of energy to go around.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures


5. We can think and move and everything is great, and we can all look at this video because our fingers and eyes and brains and computers all work:

The wonders of a universe in action!

6. All processes — mechanical, chemical, electric, nuclear — even life — require a hot universe brimming with energy. WHICH WE HAVE! The universe is lousy with energy. The universe is literally a hot mess.

Here’s an example of one of our universe’s most complex processes: cats.

7. But, we’re not done exploding yet. That “Biggish Bang” is still happening, and everything is still pushing outward and expanding from that one point in space and time 13.7 billion years ago.

Adult Swim

8. And here’s the thing, as we expand, more and more of that precious heat and energy is dissipating. The heat and energy is getting lost to entropy. Things are getting colder.

9. Think of the universe as a hot, steamy bathroom in an apartment where the heat doesn’t work. When you open the door, all that hot steam rushes out, and all that cold air rushes in, until the two spaces become about the same temperature. (Cold.)

Warner Bros. Pictures

10. Scientists think something along those lines might be happening in the universe. As we expand, the hot, steamy energy from the beginning of the universe is rushing out into entropy.

11. We’re exploding our way to an equilibrium, where the whole universe is evening out to the point where everything is the same temperature. (You know… cold.)

12. And as the explosion dies out, and everything cools off, there’s less and less energy and heat to go around.

13. So all those processes that use energy and heat — mechanical, chemical, electric, nuclear, and yes, even life — won’t have the stuff that makes things do things.

14. The universe will slowly freeze, and everything in it — everything that has been and will be — will die. It’s totally unavoidable and inevitable.

20th Century Fox / RADiUS-TWC

17. Everything will just sort of… fade out. As T.S. Eliot put it in his poem, “The Hollow Men”:

PHOTO: Sean F. White – Terra Sacra Time Lapses
AUDIO: youtube.com

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/heat-death-of-the-universe