Breaking: Shots fired at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel; Update: Truck reportedly crashed through security gate!/gemmaleex/status/374701148130660353

Possibly terror-related. Stay tuned for rolling updates.


Via the Jerusalem Post:

A truck carrying two Palestinians broke through the security barrier at Ben Gurion airport early Tuesday morning and stopped only when security guards fired warning shots in the air, Army Radio reported.

Many tweeters are claiming the two Palestinians were shot and killed. Those reports appear to be false, at least if the Jerusalem Post article is correct.


This tweeter says Israeli media are reporting that the airport security guards did indeed shoot at the two men (unconfirmed):!/AviMayer/status/374703684359163904


The airport is reportedly still in lockdown (unconfirmed):!/raizy1000/status/374705930677784576

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30 Flavors Lay’s Chip Generator Will And Will Not Allow

You might be surprised by what you can get away with using their “Do Us A Flavor” bag generator.

1. Lay’s will allow some very dark vibes.

2. But that makes sense, right?

3. Potato chips are basically the official food of despair.

4. So it’s easy to understand why they’ll allow some very nihilistic flavors.

5. But as it turns out, Lay’s filters will allow many other things.

6. Things that may reveal their biases as a corporation.

7. Like, for example, if you try to make a flavor called “White Privilege”…

…you will get this message.

8. Lay’s will, however, allow this.

9. And this.

10. And if you thought the word “privilege” was the problem, think again.

11. Here’s another statement Lay’s won’t allow.

12. But they’re happy to support this sentiment.

13. And this too.

14. They have a very odd stance on sexuality. They won’t allow this…

15. …or this.

16. But they’re OK with this.

17. And this.

18. And they definitely like it rough.

19. They’re into some deviant stuff.

20. They will let you make a flavor called “Moist Hole.”

21. But won’t let you call it this.

22. But this is somehow just fine.

23. Of course they love Rigid Phallus.

24. But they are NOT down for “Butt Stuff.”

25. Lay’s will allow this because they probably assume you’ve been dipping their chips into this for years.

26. C’mon, this is gross, Lay’s. Why are you letting me get away with this?

27. Lay’s will allow some pretty bold statements.

28. And they won’t deny some really crazy stuff.

29. Wait, is this true???

30. And now we’ve gone too far.

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Seahawks’ Richard Sherman likened to Rocky III’s Clubber Lang [video]!/Niburrific/status/425294493823557632

Ever since Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went off during a post-game with Erin Andrews of Fox Sports, many those who have seen the interview have been reminded of “Clubber” Lang, the character Mr. T played in the movie Rocky III:!/CraigScott20/status/425313060921024512!/Scott_B_Richman/status/425310367850700800!/WaldoWilbur/status/425303946911956993!/lakewoodbbcoach/status/425286624918777856!/hosienation/status/425241805739667456

Below is Sherman’s post-game interview followed by a compilation of Clubber Lang in Rocky III:!/skinsforce21/status/425304324257107968

And a side-by-side comparison:!/hammjammery/status/425282221130256384




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Live: India versus Spain World Group play-off Davis Cup tie — Paes in action on Day 2

Welcome to the live updates of the Davis Cup World Group play-off tie between India and Spain in New Delhi. Spain won both the matches in the singles play-off on Friday. In the opening singles rub

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