Watching This Guy Play With His Pet Tarantula Is Pretty Frightening — Count Me Out

Even though they’re not actually that poisonous, tarantulas still strike fear into our hearts, and for good reason. It’s honestly unsettling to come across giant, hairy spiders scurrying across the room, even if it’s on a computer screen.

But then there are those folks who are just naturals when it comes to handling them. Take this YouTuber, for example. He goes by the name of tarantulaguy1976, and he clearly fears nothing about tarantulas.

If you’re afraid of huge bugs, consider this your warning.


(source: tarantulaguy1976)

That man is braver than I will ever be. Just for some context, he’s 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 260 pounds, and the spider still looks huge next to him! I won’t be sleeping tonight.

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This Is Why You Should Never Creep Up On A Spider

One thing spiders are known for, aside from their creepiness, is their sneakiness. Their ability to silently move around and scare the crap out of you by appearing out of nowhere is sort of their trademark. However, when you turn the tables and start creeping up on spiders…well, let’s just say they don’t like that very much.

It’s a terrifying fact that one young Australian learned in literally the worst way possible…


That’s just too much nope to handle. Sadly, we don’t know exactly what happened after the spider charged him, but I think we can make an educated guess…

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No, These Aren’t Gruesome Murder Victims. It’s Actually Much, Much Weirder…

If you saw these red, charred bodies hanging on a cliff face in the Menyama region of Papua New Guinea, you would probably think that you just stepped into the middle of a crime scene. That, however, wouldn’t be the case. The gruesome scenes you see below are actually part of an important ritual. The grotesque bodies are known as the Aseki Smoked Bodies. They are preserved on purpose by the locals and then strung up to hang on a cliff face.

“The people in Menyama smoke the bodies of their dead in order to preserve them, and then take the bodies up a very steep incline to a cliff.”

Papua New Guinea Journal

The bodies “are placed in such a way that they look down the mountain and upon the village far below.”

Papua New Guinea Journal

They are protectors of the villagers below.

Papua New Guinea Journal

Only the warriors of the village are smoked and become watchers. Only sons of warriors can become warriors (and so on). The bodies that guard the town are fierce-looking as they were in life. It’s easy to see how the people feel protected.


(H/T Papua New Guinea Journal) Sometimes, the bodies will be brought down from the sides of the cliff for celebrations or other events. Otherwise, the warriors stand guard and watch over their loved ones. It’s difficult to understand this strange and scary custom, especially when we are so used to honoring our dead in a drastically different way.

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What’s Happening On This Australian Beach Looks Absolutely Alien. It’s Not, Right?

One of the worst feelings in the world is walking down a beautiful, sandy beach and then suddenly stepping on something sharp or squishy (gross). Lots of creatures live near or in the ocean, and sometimes you get a nasty surprise. But what would you do if you saw an army of green globs wash ashore on your local beach? You’d probably freak out, wouldn’t you?

When these strange spheres appeared one day, t people of Dee Why, Australia, did a little research before sending the entire world into a panic. These creepy-looking creatures spotted on the sand are not aliens, but marimo, a type of algae. Yes, they’re living beings, and they’re nothing to worry about. Just ask the people of Japan and Scotland, where marimo washed up on their shores in the past. Some, in fact, keep the marimo as pets. Take a look!  

Marimo typically grow on rocks, but sometimes waves knock them off of the hard surface.

As the waves continue to push them about, they usually become rounded like a ball.

“Marimo” is actually Japanese for “bouncy plant.”

They might not make very exciting plants, but since all they need is sunlight and water for survival, you can’t beat how easy it is to care for them.

(via Pikchur)

Wow. What an interesting thing. That ocean is just full of mysteries, isn’t it? While I’ll admit they don’t seem like aliens, I don’t know if I’ll be taking one in as a pet anytime soon. (Actually, I guess they are pretty cute. We’ll see!)

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