Lapdog Czar: NYT reporter defends Obama administration’s Ebola response!/bdcory/status/523990421601398784

President Obama can count on many in the mainstream media to have his back when it comes to offering a defense of his administration’s actions (or inactions). Include New York Times Foreign Correspondent Rukmini Callimachi among this administration’s staunch defenders when it comes to the issue of Ebola:

@bdcory who has returned from Liberia 22 days ago not hysteria? And finally how is kicking a woman in an airplane toilet not craziness?

— Rukmini Callimachi (@rcallimachi) October 20, 2014

@rcallimachi How is this govt to be trusted?

— Cory (@bdcory) October 20, 2014

@bdcory What have they done to lose your trust? The incompetence of a hospital in Dallas is not equivalent to our government

— Rukmini Callimachi (@rcallimachi) October 20, 2014

Does the Obama administration have a “Lapdog Czar” yet?

During a discussion with a person who disagreed, Callimachi cited the CDC website:

@bdcory CDC rules on transmission are all available on its website. Seems we are never going to agree on this issue, so will be signing off

— Rukmini Callimachi (@rcallimachi) October 20, 2014

About that: As we’ve reported, the CDC protocols on its website have been continually evolving.

“What have they done to lose your trust?” Well…

That awkward moment when CDC cleared nurse to fly with fever. Then ‘forgot’ that HERE [photo]

‘Idiocracy is upon us’: CDC director does a 180 on Ebola ‘protocol breach’ blame

That awkward moment when CDC claims Ebola ‘protocol breach’ or something. Then ‘forgets’ to mention it HERE

Bombshell: Watch CDC director deny then admit that Ebola can be spread by casual contact



This journo is SHOCKED the WH can’t be trusted; This has to be the most unreal statement ever

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Updates on last night’s bombing campaign against ISIS and Khorasan targets!/GMA/status/514370729073049600

Via NBC News:

A network of “seasoned al Qaeda veterans” plotting to attack U.S. and Western interests was targeted by airstrikes overnight in Syria also aimed at ISIS, the Pentagon said early Tuesday. Fighter jets and bombers launched 14 strikes in a significant escalation in the fight against ISIS, which the U.S. has pledged to degrade and destroy in wake of the Sunni militants’ bloody rampage through Syria and Iraq.

In a statement early Tuesday, the U.S. military said that in addition to taking out ISIS targets it mounted eight separate strikes overnight “to disrupt the imminent attack plotting against the United States and Western interests conducted by a network of seasoned al Qaeda veterans,” also known as “the Khorasan group.” The strikes against Khorasan — which had established a haven in Syria to plot attacks, build roadside bombs and recruit Westerners to fight — targeted the group’s training camps, explosives production facility, communication building and command and control facilities, the Pentagon said.


US strikes in Syria hit al Qaeda groups–8 strikes on Khorasan to blunt attack prep and recruiting w/ @julianbarnes

— Siobhan Gorman (@Gorman_Siobhan) September 23, 2014

Jordanian military acknowledges strikes on "terrorist organizations" in #Syria & cites attempts to infiltrate Kingdom’s North & East borders

— margaret brennan (@margbrennan) September 23, 2014

Pictured: Explosions in #Syria following US-led air strikes

— ITV News (@itvnews) September 23, 2014

.@CBSDavidMartin: Aircraft carried out 8 strikes against Khorasan safe haven in Syria in effort to disrupt their bomb-making operations

— Norah O'Donnell (@NorahODonnell) September 23, 2014

US air strikes against Isis and Khorasan in Syria – live updates

— The Guardian (@guardian) September 23, 2014

Joint Staff Director of Operations, Lt. Gen. William C. Mayville Jr. will brief on ops in #Syria 1100 ET 1500GMT ad Pentagon #ISIS

— Michael Holmes (@holmescnn) September 23, 2014

.@CBSDavidMartin: Aircraft carried out 8 strikes against Khorasan safe haven in Syria in effort to disrupt their bomb-making operations

— Norah O'Donnell (@NorahODonnell) September 23, 2014

Khorasan group of about 50 veteran AQ fighters from Afghanistan, under command of Mushin al-Fadhli – $7 million bounty on his head. #Syria

— Jon Williams (@WilliamsJon) September 23, 2014

US official: Khorasan group "nearing execution phase" of a planned attack on US or EU. #Syria

— Jon Williams (@WilliamsJon) September 23, 2014

Some Kurds who fled to #Turkey during the ISIS advance now trying to go back into #Syria hours after US-led strikes.

— Alexander Marquardt (@MarquardtA) September 23, 2014

The U.S. and five Arab countries have launched airstrikes on Islamic State militants in eastern Syria

— FOX News Radio (@foxnewsradio) September 23, 2014

What's Assad make of US strikes in Syria? May not have been asked, but says he was told. @MorningEdition @deborahamos

— Steve Inskeep (@NPRinskeep) September 23, 2014


AP reporter deletes tweets after cheerleading for Obama, getting facts wrong 

US, partner nations launch first air strikes on targets in Syria

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why the Secret Service screwed up handling that WH fence jumper?!/ajenable/status/516690128539254784

As Twitchy reported, the Secret Service is taking a lot of heat for reportedly majorly bungling the capture of White House fence jumper Omar Gonzalez. But is it possible we’re being too hard on them? After all, as @redsteeze points out, they’ve kinda got their hands full over there:

In their defense, there's an insane lunatic running around the first floor of the White House every day @VP

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 29, 2014

True story!

"Was that Biden? Can I get a Twenty on Biden?" "Was he wearing clothes?" "Affirmative "Then it's not Biden.. Engage, repeat engage.. "

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 29, 2014


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‘Nobody overthrew me’: Ousted Ukrainian President Yanukovych holds presser from ‘parallel universe,’ blames the West!/maxseddon/status/439389421465776130!/shaunwalker7/status/439394709698789376

Ousted Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych spoke to the press in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don today. Journalists live-tweeted:!/maxseddon/status/439387606644957184!/myroslavapetsa/status/439387807795404800!/MaximEristavi/status/439387968181006337!/ChristopherJM/status/439388142228230144!/maxseddon/status/439388154895036416!/MaximEristavi/status/439388452979630080!/myroslavapetsa/status/439388540108275712!/ChristopherJM/status/439388697612787712!/ChristopherJM/status/439389053482725376!/ChristopherJM/status/439389743789649920!/shaunwalker7/status/439390361820364800!/shaunwalker7/status/439390771087933441!/maxseddon/status/439391102672842752!/shaunwalker7/status/439392154545586176!/maxseddon/status/439392498755334144!/ChristopherJM/status/439392818248028160!/shaunwalker7/status/439392845515214849

Good luck with that.!/leonidragozin/status/439393989675204608!/maxseddon/status/439394478739447808!/ChristopherJM/status/439396481335058432!/maxseddon/status/439396633965780992!/ChristopherJM/status/439397712023547904!/maxseddon/status/439398038327787520!/maxseddon/status/439398567481192449!/ChristopherJM/status/439399238276227072!/maxseddon/status/439399468203798528!/ChristopherJM/status/439400601693470720!/maxseddon/status/439402095251582976!/maxseddon/status/439402761986514944!/maxseddon/status/439403356587835393!/maxseddon/status/439403562175844352!/shaunwalker7/status/439403638650593280!/maxseddon/status/439404103911743489!/maxseddon/status/439404589776142336!/shaunwalker7/status/439404845620269056

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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Katie Pavlich: ‘Thanks for the apology about shooting at our Border Agents’!/CharlieDaniels/status/482705070237052932

Yes, a Mexican military helicopter crossed over into U.S. airspace sometime before dawn on Thursday morning and fired two shots at U.S. Border Patrol agents.!/KatiePavlich/status/482497853491658754

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich reports that the “timing and location of the incident has prompted agents to believe the use of the helicopter by the Mexican military may have been on behalf of drug cartels operating in the area.”

Further, Arizona Border Patrol agents “have had several incidents like this over the years where they have taken shots from the Mexican military. The cartels’ resources are nearly limitless and it would not surprise me if they ‘rented’ the cover by the Mexican military helicopter in this incident.”!/GretchenCarlson/status/482568783383773185!/SallyLeMaster/status/482586546478936064!/KatiePavlich/status/482588192852283392

So, how much more are we going to take?!/sttutko/status/482706487836291073!/ab26825/status/482708365899202560


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Is this how Obama will celebrate the Team USA hockey victory? [pic]!/lc_mayo/status/434708496769368064

T.J. Oshie led the U.S. Olympic men’s ice hockey team to a thrilling 3-2 shootout victory over Russia today.!/Daniel_Doelling/status/434708382004826112

USA! USA!!/stackiii/status/434708938953457664!/tnacgal/status/434709258224279552

Is this the response that popped into President Ego’s head?!/Rschrim/status/434710362403774464

It’ll take a lot more than that to ruin this awesome win.!/duchessrebecca/status/434708466167324672!/DrewMTips/status/434718465073483776


No photo of Obama — yet — but the White House did send this tweet signed by the president.!/WhiteHouse/status/434725519654133760

Ahem …!/cj_larry/status/434727395661479936


The absurdity never ends: Lincoln’s birthday, now with more President Ego [pic]

‘You know it’s coming’: Will the White House tweet a ‘Pearl Harbor selfie’ to honor President Ego?

Can we parody President Ego’s self-parodying Mandela tribute? Yes. We. Can! [Photoshops]

‘Next step — selfies’: Narcissist in chief keeps it about him on day of Mandela’s death [pic]

‘Smugness nirvana attained’: @BarackObama’s Rosa Parks anniversary tribute photo features you-know-who

‘This is getting a bit out of hand, Obama’: Awesome pic zings narcissist in chief [Photoshop]

Narcissist in chief strikes again on 50th anniversary of JFK’s death [pic, bonus Photoshops]

Gutsy call: President Obama disgracefully honors himself in speech, campaigns on Memorial Day

All the president’s ego: conservatives mock Obama’s insertion of his name into other presidential bios

Narcissist in chief: Obama honors Neil Armstrong with picture of himself

President Obama marks end of combat operations in Iraq with another portrait of himself

All about him: Obama’s birthday tweet to Biden is a pic of himself

Narcissist in chief: President Obama honors Rosa Parks anniversary with picture of himself

Disgrace: President Obama commemorates Pearl Harbor attack with photo of himself

Narcissist in chief: Obama maintains laser-like focus on himself at Inouye memorial

Obama’s narcissism during Inouye service even noted by Slate; White House posts Inouye photo starring Obama

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Rick Perry addresses Fort Hood soldiers headed to Africa [photos]!/GrantHermesTV/status/520250729442078721

Texas Gov. Rick Perry visited with U.S. Army soldiers at Fort Hood who are being deployed to West Africa to provide support for efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola:

.@GovernorPerry briefed on aid that US Ft. Hood troops will provide in W. Africa for support of #Ebola containment.

— Office of Gov Perry (@TexGov) October 9, 2014

.@GovernorPerry addressing troops from Ft. Hood, TX heading to W. Africa to provide engineering spt & assist. #Ebola

— Office of Gov Perry (@TexGov) October 9, 2014

The efforts of US troops to end #Ebola outbreak in West Africa means safety for us back home.

— Rick Perry (@GovernorPerry) October 9, 2014

.@GovernorPerry tells troops at Ft. Hood about to deploy to #Liberia that they're doing a service for the world.

— Verónica Zaragovia (@verozaragovia) October 9, 2014

KXXV-TV reporter Grant Hermes had more details and photos:

Newly trained troops (and media) waiting for @GovernorPerry to arrive

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

Instructor: Getting suits on isn't a timed event. Do it slow. Do it right

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

some worries about dehydration inside suits. Soldiers will be required to keep drinking h2o in W Africa

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

Perry: what you're fixing to be about isn't about the US. It's a great service to the world

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

Perry to soldiers: it's roles like this that define who you are.

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

Gov Perry says he's proud to watch the growth of fort hood soldiers in the last year Says they are the tip of the spear vs Ebola

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

perry: I am exceedingly proud of what your going to do and I have no doubts of your success

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

Trainees show their full suits to the gov

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

Soldiers have to help each other. Suits can't be put on right without help

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

Gen. Cox: army hasn't trained for full suits since Iraq war. These suits are brand new. It's back to basics

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

Medical assistance for U.S. forces only. Engineers will be there for logistics on ground in W. Africa

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014

Taking off is as serious as putting on. Buddy system is key

— Grant Hermes (@GrantHermesTV) October 9, 2014



Reports: Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Duncan has died

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Jan Brewer vetoes #SB1062 religious freedom bill!/nbcnightlynews/status/438838308123467776

After plenty of speculation on whether Arizona Governor Jan Brewer would or wouldn’t veto a controversial amendment to the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” Arizona Governor Jan Brewer put to rest the speculation this evening:!/jillmonierfox10/status/438839049571160064!/jillmonierfox10/status/438839532281008128

The full veto letter is here (PDF).

Sen. John McCain and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are happy about it:!/NancyPelosi/status/438843542971359232

Editor’s note: This post has been updated (title and content) to make it clear that Brewer vetoed an amendment to the existing Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and not the entire act itself.

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Our hero! Obama will reportedly interrupt his vacay for WH meetings!/fishing4dale/status/497396512817557505

Well, America, it’s that time again — vacation time! But don’t worry. President Obama’s not gonna stop being presidential:!/markknoller/status/497396022533185536

See? He’ll be back for meetings. So he’ll totes be around to take care of important business. Or at least whine about Congress.!/MarcHoover1/status/497397813433491457

Hey, who said anything about needing a break from golf?!/hale_razor/status/497396740010418177

Let’s just say we wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is yes.



Seqhatevwr: Politico reports that Obamas are planning Martha’s Vineyard vacay

President Obama rallies troops for #ActionAugust, plans Martha’s Vineyard getaway

It’s a ‘treat!’ Journos squee over Obama’s Vineyard golf outing (Plus mock-worthy pic)

With boss on vacation, White House solicits questions about Obama’s agenda

President Obama socks it to the rich on Martha’s Vineyard [pics]

White House: Serious You Guys, we have proof Obama is on the Egypt situation [photo]

Leading from behind? Obama brings up the rear on bike ride after Egypt briefing [pics]

‘Yeah, right’: Dana Loesch reminds Obama what there’s still time to do before vacation starts

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‘Dying’! SCOTUS’ Aereo ruling deals ‘Bill Clinton’ a devastating blow!/mooshakins/status/481803795517964288

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled against internet service Aereo:!/gabrielmalor/status/481802346817921024

From NBC News:

Launched a year ago in New York and then extended to 10 other U.S. cities, it allows customers to watch over-the-air TV programs on a smartphone, tablet, or computer for as little as $8 a month. Selections can be viewed live or recorded for later viewing.

 Shortly after the service was launched, the nation’s major broadcast networks filed a lawsuit claiming that Aereo illegally retransmited their programs without paying for them. The court ruled against Aereo by a vote of 6-3.

Users and admirers are disappointed, of course:!/longoM/status/481805658644557825!/Lance_G/status/481805816836931585!/likedbyblacks/status/481806216692105217

But nobody’s taking the news harder than “Bill Clinton”:!/CuffyMeh/status/481803111099809793

Tough break for Slick Willie, huh?

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