27 Words That Used To Mean Something Totally Different

1. Angel

Current meaning: A benevolent spirit that acts on behalf of a higher being.

2. Artificial

Current meaning: Contrived or false.

3. Awful

Current meaning: Very unpleasant.

4. Brave

Current meaning: Courageous.

5. Bully

Current meaning: Someone who mocks or harms those who are weaker.

6. Doom

Current meaning: Fated death or destruction.

7. Egregious

Current meaning: Outstandingly bad.

8. Evil

Current meaning: Malevolent and immoral.

9. Facetious

Current meaning: Flippant.

10. Garble

Current meaning: Distort upon reproduction.

11. Guy

Current meaning: A normal man.

12. Hilarity

Current meaning: Extreme amusement.

13. Last

Current meaning: Final. Coming after all others.

14. Manufacture

Current meaning: To produce on a large scale using machinery.

15. Nervous

Current meaning: Anxious and easy to alarm.

16. Nice

Current meaning: Pleasant and agreeable.

17. Nuisance

Current meaning: A minor inconvenience.

18. Passenger

Current meaning: A traveler on a vehicle who is not the driver or crew.

19. Pedant

Current meaning: Someone who is overly concerned with details.

20. Pretty

Current meaning: Unthreatening and attractive.

21. Protest

Current meaning: A statement of disapproval.

22. Radical

Current meaning: A thorough change to the nature of something.

23. Sad

Current meaning: Subdued or sorrowful.

24. Sophisticated

Current meaning: Highly developed or complex.

25. Stupid

Current meaning: Lacking intelligence.

26. Success

Current meaning: An accomplishment.

27. Villain

Current meaning: A wicked or guilty person.

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Este gato sin pelo parece una papa pelada

1. Ah, mira, sólo es un gato sin pelo normal tomando una siesta. Cuando de repente…


3. Bueno, espera un minuto, esto se me hace un poco más conocido…


4. Perfecta. Una papa perfecta.


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Community Post: 7 Comedy Shows In Chicago You Have To See

When you go out to a show, you have high expectations.

The last thing you want is to be bored and fall asleep.

We all have a goal to laugh. I mean it is our night out.

So follow this list, and you will be pretty golden..


Sketch, musical numbers, and of course funny people are all featured in this revue at one of the classic clubs in the city. See what 52 years of funny has created and start understanding the birth and history of Comedy in Chicago!

Mondays 8PM Second City Chicago $16 Tickets


This couple is amaze-balls. Yes they are a couple, and they do improv. Colleen Doyle and Jason Shotts make it look so easy, and make you laugh very very loud. Take a simple relationship and then put it through the ringer- this show is just that. They give a new perspective to everyday life, and keep it light and fun.

Tuesdays 8PM iO Chicago $12


A weekly stand-up showcase takes place at Timothy O’Toole’s Pub in downtown Chicago every Wednesday at 9pm and features a different lineup of some of Chicago’s (and the nation’s) best comedians. This show has had famous people, like Brian Babylon, Bill Cruz, Joe Kilgallon, and Tyson Karrasch. By the way if you didn’t recognize those names, then maybe you should start going to the damn show!

Wednesdays 9PM Timothy O’Tooles Pub $5 Online/$10 at door


While most people think the comedy sportz is a family friendly only type of joint, this late night troop holds no bars, censors, or even a care on their comedy. Join the ride with top improvisers in the city in a short form improv show that will not only be raunchy, but very very funny.

Thursdays 10:30 PM Comedy Sportz Chicago $10 Tickets

5. FRIDAY’s are all about BABY WANTS CANDY!

Musicals are so over done, but this group let’s you see musicals that have not seen the stage yet. A completely improvised musical show extravaganza that engages the audience with every number and laugh. This group has seen very notable players Stephnie Weir and Nicole Parker (MadTV), Rachel Dratch and Seth Meyers (SNL), and Jack McBrayer(30 Rock). Who knows who you might see there maybe the next Stefan is performing. It’s your best bet to see them live!

Fridays 10:30 PM Apollo Theatre $15 Tickets

6. SATURDAY is Chaos Theory

This group of talented improvisers had me at we need a suggestion. This group can tackle any and any challenge an audience has presented itself. I don’t know if it’s the fact that Tara can hold her own in this group of guys, or it’s because they look like they are having so much fun, but I always seem to be finding myself ending up at this show. Improvisers include: Tara DeFrancisco, Rich Prouty, Todd Edwards, Joey Bland, Ross Bryant, Steve Waltien, Kevin Sciretta, Rance Rizzutto, Nnamdi Ngwe

Saturdays 10:30PM iO Chicago $14 Tickets

7. SUNDAY’s time to see Delirious Confetti and Co.

This group of 20’ somethings takes all their Second City Knowledge to create laughable moments and heart wrenching scenes that keep you interested and wanting to jump on stage and Yes And with them. They perform in a cluster of groups on sunday nights and play with a great groups, but clearly this one is a stand out. The other best part is that the theatre is BYOB and the show is free. So comedy studs (students) get your ass over to the playground. You won’t be hurting from being beaten up, but from laughing your ass off.

Sundays 7:30 PM Playground Theatre FREE

oh please don’t forget… NO HECKLING!

Now go get your laugh on!

readers note: The annoyance theatre is currently undergoing a new remodel and move, and shows are currently on a hiatus. Look for more articles next spring about what the new space has to offer!

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Proof Cats Are Highly Trained C.I.A. Agents

1. They are incredibly agile.

2. They can sneak up on victims without being detected.

3. They’ve developed chemicals* to control your mind.

Their poop harbors chemicals that may make humans go insane.

4. They are masters of disguise.

5. This allows them to remain invisible even in plain sight.

6. They know how to transform in seconds.

7. They speak more languages than they let on.

8. They sleep with one eye open.

9. Their fighting skills are unsurpassed.

10. A side kick is just a casual Friday for them.

11. Most importantly, they are extremely brave.

12. They also are experienced in the quick retreat.

13. If the fight can’t be done one-on-one, they know how to operate the big guns.

14. They ride tanks with such ease, it’s as though they invented them.

15. Really, they are just well read in military strategy.

16. They can quickly read and then dispose of confidential documents.

17. If you come across this room, it is probably the C.I.A.*

Cats Intelligence Agency

18. Their key defining Spy characteristics? They are sneaky.

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Definitive Proof That Duke Is The Worst

No. 2 Duke hosts North Carolina tonight at Cameron Indoor Stadium, meaning the Cameron Crazies will be out in full force. Some of those superfans made this Gangnam Style parody in October, and it is the absolute worst.

The 5 worst moments of “Cameron Crazie Style”

1. Singing in trash cans.

2. Riding the camel statue on campus.

Yes, there’s a statue of a camel on Duke’s campus, in honor of a famous physiologist.

3. Whatever the hell this is.

4. Roping Squirtle into this atrocity.

5. The bodybuilding segment.

If you made it through more than 40 seconds of that, you deserve a congressional medal of honor.

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