Organized by a group called Fast Food Forward, hundreds of service employees walked off the job today and marched to demand an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The rallies took place in seven cities, with the largest culminating in New York City’s Union Square.!/ben_zucker/status/361901909721899008!/BrothaOnTheLine/status/361928501705728000!/BrothaOnTheLine/status/361921591896059905!/DebraCooper2013/status/361945545272619008!/RepJerryNadler/status/361891056209494016

As a Congressman, Rep. Nadler can of course vote on his own pay raises.

Fast Food Forward released the following statement:

In America, people who work hard should be able to afford basic necessities like groceries, rent, childcare and transportation. While fast food corporations reap the benefits of record profits, workers are barely getting by—many are forced to be on public assistance despite having a job. Raising pay for fast food workers will benefit workers and strengthen the overall economy.

Mayoral candidate Bill deBlasio, who stands at second place in the most recent polls, briefly joined the crowd.!/DepDirNYCC/status/361939813554872320

Marchers also demonstrated in Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City and Flint, Mich.!/andybankertv/status/361971756904374272

Not impressed by the hubbub in Saint Louis was radio host Dana Loesch.!/kcbrez/status/361982833805365249

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